Music at rocket-like speeds!

Enter your world of entertainment at rocket-like speeds! Unleash the true potential of the web with blazing fast speeds of up to 14.4 Mbps.Check out the latest viral video or download your favorite songs and movies on the fly! Get exclusive access to and get instant access to the weekly top 10 YouTube music videos. Simply plug in and access a world of entertainment without having to wait even a second. After all, buffering is now just a thing of the past


14.4 Mbps 3G USB Modem

Get all your content at the blink of an eye with the jaw dropping speeds of up to 14.4 MB per second! Upload all your files at 5.76 Mbps & let the world of the web, weave a whole new story!

What are you watching?

Your online entertainment just got speedier. Along with exclusive access to you can also check out the youtube tab residing there. The Tab gives you instant access to the weekly top 10 YouTube music videos. Whenever and wherever you want. So plug in and start playing.

Ready for Liftoff!

Ready for Liftoff!

Blazing Fast

Give all your whims and fancies, with instant downloads at a whopping 14.4 MB per second! Upload videos on the fly with speeds of 5.76Mbps & share all the fun with your friends/family, instantly!


Stay connected across a spectrum of network modes:GSM 2G GSM 3G (Video Calling) GPRS/EDGE :900/1800 MHz WCDMA/HSPA : 2100 MHz