Split ACCopper Coil

Get the 5-star cooling treatment

We don’t just keep you cool; they also keep a lid on your electricity bill. Our ACs come with 5-Star Energy Rating which makes them highly energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Unique 3-in-1
Health+ Filter
Filter Out the krap!
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Anti-VOC Filter

The Anti-VOC filter helps remove a broad range of harmful VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) which can cause damage to your liver, kidneys and central nervous system.

Vitamin C Filter

The Vitamin C filter fills the air with vitamin C, which softens the skin, reduces stress and has therapeutic benefits. Each vitamin C filter lasts up to 2 years.

Catechin Filter

A unique Catechin air cleaning filter freshens up room air quality and prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses in the room.

ECCO Blu Technology
Make summer, sweat this season!

Coating the coils in the condenser using special anti-corrosive materials protects the condenser against humidity and moisture, thus, tripling the life of your AC.

Turbo Cooling
Turbo Cool your sweat away

With turbo cooling, your air conditioner can reach the desired temperature very quickly unlike in conventional air conditioners where cooling process takes longer.


Dehumidify your room because-

  • Excess moisture makes tyou uncomfortable.
  • Nobody likes a damp and muggy room.
  • Unpleasant smell sucks.
  • We don’t like a room full of bacteria.
Easy Maintenance
Did you think we’d let you leave without the After-sale services?

Our ACs don’t let you sweat. And neither does our dedicated team of After-Sales Support Staff, who are always ready with spare parts. You also get a 5-year Comprehensive Warranty on compressor and other functional parts.

Other features include:
  • 5-Star Energy Rating5-Star Energy Rating
  • Self-DiagnosisSelf-Diagnosis
  • Energy Calculator IndicatorEnergy Saver Mode
  • 15°Min15°Min
  • Auto RestartAuto Restart
  • 1.5 ton1.5 Ton
  • Option for 4-Way & 2-Way SwingRotation
  • 3X Speed3X Speed