Picture a

new dimension

Micromax Dual 4

Step into another world

Take your mobile experience to the next level with truly immersive VR on the Dual 4, designed to make you feel like you’re actually there.

  • Complementary VR device
  • 360* panoramic experience
  • Google-cardboard compatible

Change your perspective

with the 13MP Dual Rear Camera

The Sony IMX258 sensor and wide-aperture F2.0 lens on the Dual 4’s rear cameras add stunning clarity and depth to each shot. What’s more, a host of smart features give you an unprecedented level of control over the pictures you take.

Capture photos with a real sense of depth with the Dual 4’s refocus feature, simply by tapping your screen.

Focus on what matters by influencing depth and distance, creating stunning bokeh visuals.

Your camera, your rules! Relive your favourite memories with live photos.

Capture images of fast-moving events and watch the action at your leisure.

Create captivating stories told in super-quick with time lapse on the Dual 4.

13MP Front camera

For a picture perfect you

With a wide range of exclusive features, the 13MP front camera on the Dual 4 helps you snap breath-taking photos that keep you looking your best.

Whether it’s a picture with your friends, or just you against a beautiful backdrop, you can now capture all the fun in a single shot.

Brighten each smile with 10 grades of beautification that help you decide your favourite look.

Make low light your friend and give images a soft, natural look; even with flash.

Under the hood

  • Android
  • Snapdragon
  • 4GB RAM | 64 GB ROM
  • Smart
  • Dolby
  • Metal