100 DaysReplacement


When would you be eligible for this warranty?
  • Eligible if your device is within the warranty period and conforms to terms mentioned on the warranty card
  • Eligible if even after latest software upgrade, the defect does not get rectified
  • Eligible only in case of hardware failure
What are the exceptions to availing this warranty?
  • Device that has already crossed “100 days from date of activation/no date of activation” will not be covered by the policy. It will instead be subject to the regular repair process.
  • Device which does not conform to the warranty’s policies will not be covered
  • Replacement of accessories is not covered
What Replacement Device will you receive?
  • Replacement device will be of the same or equivalent model
  • In case of any delay; the replacement device will be organized within 48~72 hours.
  • At the time of replacement, warranty of the original device will get transferred to the replacement unit
Offer also available on:

Selfie 2, Canvas 1, X1i, X706, X424, X740, X730, X904, X570, X512, X412, X726

Disclaimer: Micromax Informatics Limited reserves complete rights to withdraw/honour this policy – it may be withdrawn/ amended at any given point of time without any prior intimation.